Seaways Africa Logistics
In respect of the Turnkey Projects vertical, Seaways has already executed door delivery project shipments to many countries of Africa such as Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Ethiopia. Seaways intends to set up own offices in Zambia and Tanzania to monitor and effectively promote and market the present business. Seaways also intends to expand the Turnkey Project services to other African countries in the future.
Over the years, Seaways has also gained expertise in moving over dimensional cargo and over-weight cargo equipment to deepest hinterlands in the African continent. It is one of the few integrated logistics players to execute complex project cargo shipments to the deepest pockets of African countries.
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Service Highlights:
  • Integrated cargo solutions
  • Speedy Customs clearance at all African ports
  • Handling of all kinds of permits and approvals including Abnormal permits (ODC)
  • Arrangement of inland multimodal transport with police escort (wherever applicable) 
  • Motivated own personnel to oversee hassle-free cargo movement
  • Competitive local agents in all African countries and cities to ensure smooth transit of cargo